About Us – Invessel Composter

Our Story

Our 30 years of accumulated experience and know how in agriculture has led us to innovate. Keeping sustainable agriculture in mind with the idea to protect our soils for the future generations we started on producing compost with the manure generated by our dairy farm.

Since then we research and developed better composters and partnered with the leading compost experts throughout the world. This extended our know how on composting slaughterhouse leftovers, sludge waste, egg chicken and broiler manure and organic parts of the municipal waste with the highest efficiency. What differentiates us from competitors is our holistic approach and expertise in both machine production and composting.


Transforming various organic leftovers which would otherwise be waste into highly beneficial compost. By doing so we aim to preserve nature, help business’ minimize their carbon footprints and enrich the organic content of soil. It is our responsibility to remind people that it takes between 200-400 years for a cm of soil to form.


Making composting an even better experience for everyone is our priority. Organic leftovers are not waste, however not treating them right and not transforming them into value added material is a waste. Our vision is to increase the quality of composted end products with the help of innovation and R&D.

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